When you’re a newbie poker participant then it’s price attending to grips with some slang and customary phrases to really feel like an insider.

Figuring out it received’t make you a greater participant however at the very least you’ll be capable to perceive what others are speaking about and can benefit from the recreation extra consequently.


ABC Poker

A fundamental and predictable technique the place you solely play and guess robust palms, and fold every little thing else. Also referred to as taking part in by the ebook.


“Airball” or “airballing” is when a participant is bluffing with full “air,” that means no precise hand and no sensible probability of enhancing.

American Airways

A typical identify for pocket aces that comes from the hand’s abbreviation of “AA.”

American Airlines - poker

Being the strongest hand in Texas Maintain’em, pocket aces have a number of different nicknames, one other frequent one being “pocket rockets.”

Ammo (Ammunition)

Refers to a participant’s chip stack. If you’re out of ammo, it means you now not have chips.

You’ll discover that plenty of poker slang phrases
have been borrowed from the army.

Angle Taking pictures

When a participant deliberately tries to benefit from others utilizing techniques that aren’t towards the principles however are thought of unethical.

You’ll often discover this time period within the phrase “capturing an angle.” An instance can be a participant who hides their large chip denominations or falsely publicizes their hand at a showdown.

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Describes a participant’s expertise and performs.

Somebody with an enormous arsenal is able to pulling totally different performs at totally different occasions to throw their opponents off and take most benefit of a scenario.

The higher you already know and perceive all technique nuances and varied strikes, the extra arsenal you’ve gotten on the desk.


Stomach Buster

A typical time period for a gunshot, also referred to as “inside straight draw.”

Refers to thee type of straight draw the place solely 4 playing cards within the deck can be utilized to fill the hole and provides the participant a made straight.

For instance, you probably have 98 on A65, you’ve gotten a
stomach buster as a result of just one out of 4 7s could make your straight.

Large Blind Particular

When the participant within the large blind wins the pot or makes a powerful hand, often as a result of they have been capable of see the flop free of charge.

When you’re a fan of poker exhibits, you’ll most likely have heard this phrase very often.

Large Slick

Refers to Ace-King of any go well with – the hand you positively need to play.

AK additionally has tons of standard names beginning with the initials, equivalent to Anna Kournikova, Korean Airways, or AK-47 to call a number of.

Big Slick - poker


Typically utilized by poker commentators to explain a scenario the place two or extra gamers are about to become involved in an enormous pot.

That is often a state of affairs the place all concerned
gamers have an enormous hand or an enormous draw, so it’s fairly possible all chips will go
into the center, leading to a number of gamers being eradicated from the
match or having their stacks decimated.

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Used to explain a card that doesn’t full any doable attracts and is of no relevance to a present hand.


Busting refers to shedding your entire chips or

It may be utilized in a few totally different
conditions, for instance, you could be busted from the match since you misplaced
your entire chips.

The identical might be stated about money video games should you
lose all the cash and you may’t reload anymore.

It will possibly additionally confer with a scenario the place a participant loses their complete bankroll and has no cash to play poker anymore, so they’re busted.

busted in poker



Describes the outlet playing cards 74o, with the suited model generally known as “Cambodian Slick”.

The time period originates from New York Metropolis cardrooms, however there’s no actual clarification for the place it acquired its identify.


Used to explain a participant who’s been getting dealt good palms for the whole session or a match.

A “cardrack” will typically go on a heater, getting large pocket pairs, hitting all of their attracts, and stacking many gamers within the course of.

Chip Dumping

A apply that’s solely present in poker tournaments and is when one participant deliberately loses to a different participant to switch chips from one stack to a different.

Gamers can chip dump for quite a lot of causes,
however the most typical state of affairs is when two gamers are colluding in a match
and one in all them accumulates an enormous stack, permitting them to “share” a few of their

Chip dumping is towards the principles and may result in a match suspension and even cash confiscation if gamers get caught doing it.

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Clicking Buttons

Used to explain actions that don’t make sense and are achieved only for the sake of doing one thing, principally referring to gamers who don’t perceive what they’re doing.

The time period originated from on-line poker, nevertheless it’s additionally utilized in dwell video games nowadays.

Laptop Hand

A nickname for the beginning hand Q7o.

Fashionable-day poker depends closely on math and
numbers. Individuals have give you all types of calculations, particularly for the
beginning palms.

Somebody labored out that the hand Q7o was the worst worthwhile beginning hand with barely constructive fairness towards a random hand, which acquired dubbed “laptop hand.”


Describes a scenario the place each gamers have a really robust hand and regardless of how they play it, all of their cash is more likely to find yourself in the midst of the pot.

A cooler is
a scenario that may’t be averted and finally ends up costing one of many gamers rather a lot
of cash.


A nickname for pocket kings (KK) that’s utilized by each gamers and poker commentators.

Cowboys - poker


If you’re dealt any mixture of pocket
threes, you’re dealt crabs.

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The nickname possible originates from the very fact the quantity three on the playing cards appears a bit like a sideways crab.

Credit score Card Roulette

A apply utilized by gamers to find out who’ll pay the examine (dinner, drinks, and many others.). Everybody throws their bank card right into a hat or a field, and the fortunate winner will get to pay for everybody.

Though this isn’t strictly a poker time period, you’ve
most likely heard it a number of occasions, particularly should you wish to tune in for streams
and podcasts of highs stakes gamers.

Typically you’ll even hear particular person gamers complaining about operating on the mistaken aspect of variance taking part in bank card roulette.


Dolly Parton

Nickname for any beginning hand combo containing a 9 and a 5.

The identify originates from the well-known tune “9 to five” carried out by Dolly Parton. You may also hear it being known as a “full-time job”.

It’s much less frequent nowadays and tends for use by extra seasoned gamers.

9 to 5, Dolly Parton - poker


Refers to somebody who doesn’t know the way to play nicely.

Though there’s no steadfast definition of a “poker donkey” you’ll most likely realize it whenever you see it.


A time period used to explain a participant operating poorly and on the mistaken aspect of variance.

It originates from on-line poker and the idea that poker websites have a sure “swap” they’ll flip to make explicit gamers win or lose extra typically.

Though most gamers take this as a joke, some genuinely do imagine websites function this solution to cease you successful an excessive amount of cash.

It’s solely a fable, so don’t fear.


Pocket deuces (twos) are also known as geese, due to the quantity 2’s slight resemblance to a duck.

Soiled Stack

Describes a chip stack that incorporates a random variety of totally different denomination chips, all blended collectively.

It’s good etiquette (and infrequently a rule) to arrange your chips correctly in piles, with the bigger denominations on the entrance for different gamers to see.


Fist Pump

A movement used to rejoice successful a pot or one other constructive consequence at a desk.

It’s grow to be fairly frequent to confer with different conditions as nicely, equivalent to “fist-pump shove” – being thrilled to maneuver all-in after your opponent bets into your monster.



The time period “gapper” is used to explain gap
playing cards which have the potential to make straights (connectors).

The variety of playing cards wanted within the center is the “hole” so you probably have a hand like 5-7, you’ve gotten a one-gapper (the 6 is lacking).

A hand like 7-10 is a two-gapper, and many others.


Describes a participant’s potential to regulate to totally different conditions and discover the most effective play accessible to them on the spot.

Such a participant is able to shifting gears as
required, simply as in the event that they have been driving a automotive.


An abbreviation of a great recreation, typically used on-line to precise gratitude for a great match.

It can be used satirically to make enjoyable of weaker gamers or when somebody makes a really dangerous play.

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Going South

When a participant “goes south” in a poker recreation, it means they eliminated a portion of their chips from the desk to be able to scale back their stake.

That is towards the principles in most video games and may even be known as an angle shoot.

All the cash you win has to stay in play till you resolve to stand up and go away, so you’ll want to keep away from “going south” – it doesn’t matter what.



When you watch poker coaching movies or hand evaluations, you’ll typically come throughout the time period “hero.” That is refers back to the participant whose hand is being reviewed or the one you might be specializing in.

Excessive Society

A stack of “excessive society” refers back to the stack of the very best denomination chips accessible within the on line casino.

Though the time period is utilized by gamblers normally, it was made well-known in poker circles due to the cult film Rounders.

Rounders - movie
Picture: imdb.com

Hit And Run

That is when
you resolve to depart the sport very quickly after successful an enormous pot or a number of
banks in a row.

gamers use this to guard their winnings nevertheless it’s thought of unethical
habits and shouldn’t be one thing you apply rather a lot.


A participant who’s being backed by another person to play in a sure match or a money recreation.

The “horse” supplies their expertise and the backer supplies a part of or the total buy-in. Any income are shared as agreed between each events.


Fool Finish

Refers to a straight (draw). When a participant has a draw to a straight the place they’ll solely make the bottom straight doable, with a number of choices for greater straights, they’re stated to be drawing to the fool finish of the straight.



One other identify for elevating all-in, “jam” describes a scenario the place you place all of your cash in the midst of the pot.


Dwell One

Much like a donkey, poker gamers use the time period “dwell one” to explain a participant who’s not excellent at poker and is due to this fact a straightforward goal on the desk.

A “dwell one” often performs a number of palms, has
a fairly large bankroll, and doesn’t thoughts shedding so long as they’re having

Lodden Thinks

The sport of “Lodden Thinks” was popularized by excessive stakes gamers equivalent to Antonio Esfandiari and Phil Laak.

Though it has nothing to do with poker, it’s typically used as an exercise between palms.

Gamers will guess on what one other participant thinks
a couple of sure subject.

The participant who performs the a part of “Lodden” will write down their reply, and different gamers will place their bets. What makes the sport enjoyable is that the reply doesn’t should be in any respect true.

It’s about what different gamers might imagine, so it
entails a sure diploma of psychology and studying skills.

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“Muck” is one other
identify for folding.

Nevertheless, mucking is usually used to explain a scenario at a showdown the place your opponent exhibits a greater hand than you, so that you resolve to muck (fold) with out displaying your holdings.



A time period used to explain a recreation the place all gamers are taking part in very tightly and cautiously.

It often has unfavorable connotations, as a “nitfest” desk supplies little or no enjoyable or pleasure.


On the planet of poker, there are low and medium
stakes, there are excessive stakes, after which there are the nosebleeds.

The time period is used to explain ultra-high stakes
video games the place large quantities of cash are on the road on a regular basis.

A superb instance of true nosebleeds is money
video games in Macau, the place successful or shedding a number of million {dollars} in a session
isn’t an enormous deal.

Nut Nut

You’re most likely conversant in the time period “the nuts”
which is used to explain the very best poker hand in a given scenario.

The time period “nut nut” is the subsequent degree, although,
as it’s the hand that’s each the nuts and the one which has an opportunity to enhance
even additional to even higher nuts.

For instance, you can have a flopped nut straight with a draw to the very best flush. In that case, you’ve gotten what poker gamers wish to name “nut nut.”



One other time period originating from the net world,
“pwned” means just about the identical factor as “owned” – nevertheless it’s a bit greater than

If you get “pwned” it means you have been both severely outplayed, or the opposite participant acquired tremendous fortunate.

Both means, a bulk of your chips shall be transferring throughout the desk.



Used to explain dangerous and fully unplayable playing cards.

This implies something that has a really small probability of enhancing and ought to be immediately folded preflop, equivalent to 92o, J3o, and many others.

One other expression you would possibly hear in the identical context is “napkins.”


You’re most likely conversant in the time period “busto”, used when a participant busts out of the match or loses all of their cash.

“Robusto” has the other that means.

It describes somebody who vastly elevated their poker bankroll by taking part in rather a lot or by successful an enormous match, so that you’d say “from busto to robusto.”

Runner Runner

Refers to a scenario the place you needed to hit each playing cards on the flip and on the river to make your hand.

For instance, you’ve gotten two golf equipment in your hand and there’s just one membership on the flop, so to make your flush, you need to hit a membership on the flip and one other one on the river.

Due to this fact you’ve gotten a runner-runner flush draw.



Slang for pocket fours as a result of the quantity 4 appears just like a sail.

Pocket 4s - sailboats

Set Mining

“Set mining” is whenever you name with a (often small) pocket pair with the only real intention of flopping the set.


A “shark” is somebody who is aware of the sport very nicely and takes benefit of weaker gamers by punishing them for errors – the precise reverse of a donkey.

More often than not, shark refers to a stable skilled poker participant.  

The time period is usually utilized in a broader context too, as a “card shark” is somebody well-versed in lots of card video games, not simply poker.


A “shill” is an individual who tries to color a
(often false) constructive image a couple of particular product or firm.

Within the poker world, “shill” often refers to discussion board customers who exit of their solution to justify sure poker rooms and their actions, giving false testimonies to try to throw different gamers off monitor.

Sleeper Straddle

A “sleeper straddle” is a particular type of straddle (optionally available blind guess made earlier than any playing cards are dealt) and also you received’t discover it in lots of video games.

The “sleeper” could be posted wherever, at any
place, and it solely turns into energetic if there is no such thing as a motion earlier than everybody


Slang for pocket eights, because the quantity 8 appears like a snowman. You may also hear this hand being known as “octopussy” and “infinities.”

Suicide King

Slang for the King of Hearts.

When you look carefully, you’ll discover this card depicts a king with a sword drawn by way of his coronary heart or head (at the very least in most traditional decks).

The time period was additionally popularized due to the well-known ebook “The Professor, The Banker, and the Suicide King,” which describes excessive stakes video games that poker elites (“The Company”) performed towards the rich banker Andy Beal.

The suicide king - poker



Refers to a participant who’s considering and taking time earlier than making a choice. The identify comes from “time financial institution.”

You’ll typically see gamers tanking after they’re confronted with an enormous guess on the flip or the river the place their determination can have a considerable monetary impression.


Strolling Chips

When a participant has a big stack of chips in a match and takes a break to stroll across the match space, they’ve “strolling chips” as a result of they’ve sufficient to have the ability to take a stroll and miss a number of palms.

Strategically, this isn’t a great determination.

The one time it is smart to do that is if you’re taking part in in a satellite tv for pc (a match the place all winners get the ticket to a different occasion) and are assured a win due to your huge stack.

However even then, sticking at your desk is smart as you by no means know what’s going to come up.


To whiff means to overlook completely in your draw. It’s
simply one other time period for lacking out on the cardboard you want.

If you name a guess from one other participant holding
a flush draw, for instance, however the flip card doesn’t assist you in any respect, you’ve

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