Even when you’re not all that accustomed to this long-held affiliation of
the Ace of Spades and the “Dying Card,” you’ll be able to in all probability hear Motörhead singing
their well-known track, ‘the ace of spa-aades’ blaring out of the audio system.

Not solely was this the track that made the band, it’s additionally the best and
most-valued card within the deck.

Maybe, like me, the title’s the one a part of the track to which you’ll be able to
comfortably sing alongside, or ever actually paid a lot consideration to (sorry to all you
diehard Motörhead followers!).

Take one other hear although and the fast-living rhetoric of the playing
thrill is everywhere in the track, with particular point out to this “lifeless man’s hand
once more”.

So The place Did This All Start?

There are various ideas and theories on how the highest-valued card
grew to become synonymous with demise, however no matter its origins, it appears to be
nicely and really established within the superstitious hearts and minds the world

However let’s go additional again and discover among the historical past that provides
this fated card its doom standing.

Method again in medieval occasions, when blacksmiths made armor and weaponry, to
present some mark of high quality they usually stamped their work with the Ace of Spades.

Given the utilization of their ware, this ominous hyperlink with the image led to
its affiliation with demise.

Within the 1700s, stamp responsibility was prolonged by Queen Anne, in England, to
embody enjoying playing cards.

To point that this tax had been paid the Ace of Spades, with its
ornate insignia, was to be signed by the producer.

The signing course of was time-consuming and dear – mountain climbing up the worth
of the deck by as much as 12 occasions as a lot! – so individuals started faking their very own.

This, after all, carried an enormous danger. Producing counterfeit playing cards was a
capital offence leading to demise by hanging.

You faux an Ace of Spades stamp, you get caught, you die.

As such, the Ace of Spades spelled out demise to many individuals and this
connotation was onerous to shake off.

Within the 18th Century it was a favourite amongst pirates to let a traitor
or informer know he was nearing his finish; that he was ‘on the spot’.

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It got here a detailed second after the cranium and cross bones as a logo of

Then there’s the design of the cardboard itself – for some individuals the spade
represents the software used to dig your grave.

And because the Ace card carries the best worth, it should get your
coffin dug deepest within the floor.

With the deck comprising of 52 playing cards, it’s believed that every card
represents every week within the 12 months, and every go well with a season. The spades characterize
winter and the Ace heralds the Week of Yuletide, the demise of the 12 months.

As mere pawns within the recreation of nature, attempt as we would, we can not escape
the demise cycle and the cardboard’s place within the calendar is a reminder of that.

The start of winter was a time feared and dreaded by members of
poorer lessons because it meant the beginning of the battle by way of to spring.

Will there be sufficient meals? Will we keep heat sufficient? Many households
suffered demise by way of famine and freezing.

Within the lawless days of the Wild West, Wild Invoice Hickock immortalized the ‘lifeless man’s hand’ when he was shot by way of the top at level clean vary by Jack McCall searching for vengeance for a loss at playing cards a couple of days earlier.

He died immediately, slumping over the desk the place he was enjoying poker,
together with his playing cards nonetheless in his hand, now spattered with blood.

And what was he holding? A combination of black aces and eights.

But once more the Ace of Spades strikes, with demise following its presence.

The Vietnamese Battle

Ace of Spades - the Death Card and Vietnam war

There are a few theories surrounding using the Ace of Spades
throughout fight within the Vietnamese Battle.

The primary concept is that the Individuals believed the Vietnamese to be
extremely superstitious, and that the Ace of Spades struck the worry of demise in
their hearts.

It was rumored that the European associations with the cardboard hit the
Vietnamese even tougher resulting from struggles confronted throughout the colonial time beneath
French rule throughout six a long time.

So for the Vietnamese individuals, this image allegedly spelled cruelty
beneath international management and affect.

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This rumor apparently unfold quick and armed with this data,
American troopers wished to make use of the image as a type of intimidation.

In 1966, following a request from the twenty fifth Infantry Division, the
Cincinnati-based US Taking part in Card Co. donated and posted 1,000 decks of playing cards,
comprized solely of Aces of Spades, to troops stationed in Vietnam.

The media again within the States acquired maintain of the story and amped up the
rumor, saying the Viet Cong feared the cardboard greater than the bombers.

It seems, the truth is, that the playing cards acted extra as a morale enhance to
the Individuals.

Caught onto helmets, carried round in pockets, and left in situ after battle. Virtually like a fortunate attraction, the playing cards made among the troopers really feel stronger and like a warrior.

It was a tremendously tough time for all concerned and this provided
some American troopers a little bit of encouragement out within the area.

It grew to become a observe amongst some American troopers to go away the cardboard on
the eyes of a lifeless Vietnamese soldier in order that it might be the very last thing they
noticed, or of their mouths as a warning to different enemy troopers.

In different accounts it’s thought that to the Vietnamese it wasn’t a lot
a logo of demise however a phallic image, and that this in flip may’ve led them
to imagine the Individuals to be necrophiliacs.

It actually had the impact of clearing house for you in a bar, or
scaring off any potential romantic companions, in response to Captain Edward N.
Voke of the sixth PSYOP Battalion in 1966.

He was curious concerning the response amongst locals so requested his platoon to
casually pull them out in social settings. It did, certainly, seem to spook

However then once more, if a international soldier introduced out a well known image
related solely with unfavorable connotations wouldn’t you keep away?

And on the flip aspect, different theories declare to have by no means even heard of
or seen the Ace of Spades being utilized in any method.

It’s thought that any concepts behind the cardboard being efficient towards the
‘superstitious’ Viet Cong stems from ignorance and racism on the American aspect.

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Because of Francis Ford Coppola movie, Apocalypse Now, the cardboard grew to become a
image of the conflict itself.

And What About As we speak?

Ace of Spades tattoo

In a extra fashionable context, the Ace of Spades and popular culture have an extended
and thrilling relationship.

It’s fairly often utilized in affiliation with rock music and bike
tradition – there’s nothing cooler than hazard, and there’s nothing extra
harmful than demise – two large sides of those cultures.

It’s the most well-liked tattoo and lots of a rocker, biker or gang member will proudly adorn themselves with the image. To up its deathly connotations it’s usually accompanied with fireplace, flames, and skulls.

A fast scan of Ebay will affirm its endless recognition. Is it that
demise remains to be such a taboo within the West that we now have such an obsession with it?

Patches worn by American troopers are that can be purchased, together with one which places the Ace of Spades aspect by aspect with the Grim Reaper.

Ace of Spades patches
Photographs: eBay

Or when you don’t fancy a patch,
you will get a t-shirt of a large Ace of Spades card
with a cranium planted within the centre of the spade.

Not solely does
it function in popular culture references, it’s identified that when Cliff Burton, the
bass guitarist for Metallica tragically died, aged 24, in Sweden, 1986, he’d
pulled the Ace of Spades earlier that evening.

This card gave
him the ‘successful hand’ that gave him first alternative of the beds on their tour
bus, and when it crashed in the course of the evening, with out a security belt, he
flew straight by way of one of many bus home windows and was then crushed by the

And while all
of this discuss of demise may appear a bit miserable, it’s good to do not forget that
with demise, the tip of a cycle, comes a contemporary begin – the start of
one thing new.

In tarot, the
Ace in every go well with is an effective omen because it affords the seeker hope for a brand new cycle. After
the chaos of destruction has settled, out of the ashes a brighter future may be

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